Friday, June 22, 2018

Senegal 2, Poland 1, not to mention Japan

It was yet another morning for upsets. I was able to see the last half of Japan's amazing victory over Columbia before I was onto my main feature for the day: Senegal vs. Poland. Unfortunately I was only able to watch until the 78th minute, at which point I had to run out the door and make my way to work, on foot, riding a bike, and by car.

The good news was that thanks to a couple of admittedly fluky goals Senegal was winning 2 to 0. The bad news was that they did not look in full control of the game. Anything could still happen! And I had to leave.

So I left. In the pouring rain. And in my head, as I often do while walking and biking to work, I wrote my blog post. Only I couldn't just write the usual one blog post. I had to write two; one where Senegal won, and one where Senegal lost.

The one where Senegal lost involved biking in mud, and rain, and no joy in Mudville, and a bit about back pain, and having to work all day, and being late. But, as you see, I didn't have to write that one today.

The one where Senegal won had all the same things in it, but it was different. It goes like this:

I stayed too late at home before work and had to race out the door. The weather forecast said the rain would stop by noon, but it didn't look like it. So I started to get wet. As noon arrived it started to rain harder as if to mock me and my absurd trust of weather forecasts. I plowed through mud on the road and it sprayed up my back, which suddenly ached mysteriously. A man on his phone pulled out from a parking spot blindly cutting me off. It rained some more and I looked down to see that my pants were starting to saturate. It was going to take hours to fully dry out in the humid, itchy library I work at. Of course, I would have the hours to dry out because the rest of my day would be spent working. What glimpses I would have of the afternoon game, Russia V Egypt, would be paltry, furtive, and stolen as I can see my managers losing patience with my World Cup obsession and the way I've infected a surprising amount of the rest of the staff with it.

So the day wasn't looking too good.

But I didn't care. 

I didn't care!

Senegal won!

Senegal won!

Senegal won!

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