Thursday, June 21, 2018

Who I like so far (and who I don't)

In the build up to The World Cup I thought a bit about some of the teams I might like to see do well. I probably even have a nice neat list somewhere with Argentina, Spain, Senegal, Mexico, France, Brazil, Uruguay, and Peru on it. But I have long ago abandoned those lists, and everything gets complicated when it comes to actual soccer games being played by real teams. I still adore Spain but have developed a tentative loathing for their goal keeper, who by all accounts has played years of flawless football for some team in England and yet has managed in one game to make an error outdistancing any other in the World Cup so far. I desperately want Argentina to win but until they do I will cluck my tongue at their coach thinking "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" or something like that. Luka Modric, freed of being on an enemy team, now of Croatia, I find fairly awesome. I just couldn't help notice. I was a fan of Nigeria until the whole team gave up inexplicably in the middle of their game. Uncharacteristically I was pretty happy with the refs until they failed to red card any of the Swiss team. Which brings me to the Swiss team and every team that includes lots of tall blonde players. I wouldn't mind liking one, for a change of pace, but I don't like any of them; Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark. Maybe they have the right spirit though, that is: if everyone plays careful defense then for the whole game the ball can just sit in the middle of the field, untouched, and everyone can go home without losing. 

No one wants to lose, and I can't imagine any ball likes getting kicked.

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