Monday, June 4, 2018

World Cup Pool legal according to Supreme Court

Stickied Introduction:

In order to prepare for a two week trip with my lovely wife to Rome it is necessary for me to write 20 blog posts ahead of time. I don't have a lot of time to do this. I'm not sure I actually have any time to do this. But I have made a sacred charter, somewhere, I think, that says I must post a new blog post everyday. So I wanted to put a stickied explanation of the desperation of my plight at the top of each of my next twenty blog posts.

I am hoping this will explain why my comments might be (checked (X) as appropriate):

__ Brief

__ Incoherent

__ First drafts

__ Silly

__ Unfinished

__ Borderline plagiarized from someone else

__ Borderline plagiarized from myself

xx Alas, I just natter on about soccer

__ Pandering to the reader

__ Technically illegal in the country of Turkey

xx Ending awkwardly

xx Shoddy math

__ Pretty much just the lyrics of some song I like

__ Actually a lot like any of my regular blog posts

This particular post is:

20 of 20

End of Stickied Introduction

Oh man, I made it. Or just about. And for this last one of these hurried twenty posts I understand that you wanted to hear all about my World Cup Soccer Betting Pool.

You didn't?

I'm pretty sure you did, yesterday. I'm almost positive. If you look back at yesterday's post you'll see tons of interest. It may not have been "you", but it was definitely someone.

Plus I don't have a "B" plan for writing about anything else.

Plus I'm so close!

Great then! I'll try to be brief, not least because the plane leaves in, let's see, four seconds.

So here's the deal:

The entry fee is five dollars. One's team is randomly drawn from among the 32 teams competing in the Cup. In the World Cup the first 3 games are in little groups of four that determine what teams advance out of the group stage, so two each from 8 groups of 4 will advance. If your team loses out in the group stage (that will be half of everybody), you get to redraw for a second chance pick from the remaining 16 teams. 

So, if your team made it out of the group stage you will be in pool A. And if your team didn't make it the first time, you get a new team that is in pool B.

And then here are the payouts:

Pool A:

Winner: 40$
Lose final: 20$
2 Semi finalists who don't advance to final: $15
4 Quarter finalists who don't advance semis: $5

Pool B:

Winner: $20
Lose final: $10 
2 Semi finalists who don't advance: $5


This will probably all change. Also, I have no idea how you would enter this pool. I'll ask the Supreme Court in, um, Italy. Although they're not in the World Cup, Italy I mean, or the Supreme Court, or the USA for that matter. So, um, thank you.

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