Sunday, July 8, 2018

After four trips to Rome

Because the theology and philosophy of Christianity seems reasonably intelligible and straightforward I'm aware that many Christians are just sort of fake Christians. But few of them are so virulently so and audaciously so as right wing Christians, as Republican Christians. I am just sensible enough not to try to reason these people out of their dark cult, but as yet I am not quite wise and resolute enough to not be drawn into imaginary arguments with these people.

At some point in the imagined arguments my opponent will invariably challenge me. "But have you even read The New Testament?"

To which I always reply "No. But I've seen the paintings."


  1. Oh good lord. I was force fed all that Abrhamic stuff (well, not really the Quaran) when i was a child and i can assure you that nowhere in the Gospels, or the rest of the New Testament is it allowed to chain up toddlers en mass and put their wailing little hearts behind bars.

    1. Well, that makes sense because those scenes don't show up in the paintings either.

    2. Next trip catch Piranesi's "Captivity of the Innocenti"

  2. I'm probably the world's first Pagan biblical scholar now. After a night of searching i did find this in St. Bubba's letter to the Asswhipes.
    "Yea, varily thou mudst grab thy neighbor's wyfe's quint", for the dumbfuck of the people wilst love thee then."
    Asswhipes 23:10


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