Sunday, July 1, 2018

Not that cold

It was shortly before opening at our library. The gates were mostly closed but a return bin was blocking the remainder of the opening to the library. A toddler squeezed through the small space there, getting separated from his mother. The mother was naturally alarmed at the separation, but also afraid to break into the library without permission before it was open. "My son's in there." She said. "Can I come in and get him?"

"Of course." I replied. "We're the library, not ICE."


  1. Ghastly- Infuriating- Monstrous- Outrageous Rubbish- Mean Spirited Nasty Fucktardiness!!!

    1. Well, sure, but fortunately it's only 47.5 percent of the population of our country.

      Oh, and the other 35 percent that lets them...


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