Monday, July 30, 2018

Sic semper tyrannis

Just when you think everything is okay at the library you work at, that is, that no one does much in the way of constructive labor, but we all somehow manage to get the job done anyway, something happens.

Something happened.

I was on the phones, which were occasionally ringing. But the other job on the phones is processing requests and there weren't any requests to process. When a bin of requested books fills up on the machine it gets pushed over to the phones. but no bins were filling up because the person on the machine wasn't doing their job. They were chatting with co-workers and working on some irrelevant tangential project of their own. Coincidentally then I was chatting with co-workers and working on some irrelevant tangential project of my own.

It is possible we were both bugging each other in our not working. But I had no tools to make the person on the machine work. Only the person on the machine had recourse to make me work. They could do this by the noble process of feeding our numerous delivery items onto the machine, especially things that were likely requested by library patrons, and soon they would have a full a bin of things to push over to me. If they really tried they could even bury me in multiple bins of stuff to process and I could do nothing about it but graciously accept it in good spirit. But they didn't do this. Instead they bizarrely broke the sacred, unwritten rules. They pushed over a barely half filled bin of requested books for me to process and then went back to not doing their job.

This was passive aggressive library speak for "fuck you".

Now I was only prevented from walking over to them and saying "fuck you to you too" by two devices:

1. I don't say "fuck you" to my co-workers. And

2. The person who did this was my manager.

So I did the only thing I could do in this sad and unjust situation. 

I wrote this.

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