Saturday, July 14, 2018

The evolution of my maturity

Yesterday, what with the recent passing of the notable event of my 2,000th blog post, I listed all the things I do to celebrate anniversaries and milestones on this blog. But, ha ha, my list included only one item: 

1. Talking about myself.

I was just joking.

On the square.

But there are really quite a few things I do and have done to celebrate major blog events here, and with this recent 2,000th blog post I would like to choose from one of them now to commemorate this event. I will try to choose the best one, and I hope you will join me in celebrating.

And so here, from my researches, are the things I have done to celebrate on clerkmanifesto in the past:

1. Complain bitterly about the Internet.

2. Complain bitterly about the 80's meme: "If you build it they will come".

3. Complain bitterly about all the blogging advice I have ever read.

4. Complain bitterly about how things "go viral".

5. Complain bitterly about everyone in the world who doesn't read this blog.

6. Complain about social media.

7. Give out kittens.

You will love him. Please be home between ten and twelve tomorrow morning for delivery. You can name him whatever you want. 

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