Friday, July 20, 2018

The Faith of Donald J. Trump, a book review

The Faith of Donald J. Trump, by David Brody and Scott Lamb.

You might think this is not a real book. But oh, it is a real book. It is at my library! It was written by David Brody and Scott Lamb, who, I understand, are real people. And it looks just like a real book. I have opened this book up and it is full of words. Words! And you can know it as a book from the fact of these words much like you can know a tuna fish sandwich is a tuna fish sandwich by opening it up and finding it full of tuna fish, hopefully mixed with a great deal of nice mayonnaise, and possibly with some chopped up celery and a slice of purple onion. Mmmm.

But I digress.

And you might think, "Fine, The Faith of Donald J. Trump is a real book, but it is a joke book."

I understand.

But listen to this: I read the introduction to this book by a man named Eric Metaxas and that is what he thought too! He thought maybe it was a joke book! Then, apparently, after that part was frankly confessed, he took his soul out into an alley and clubbed it to death, at which point he finished writing his forward because that is what you do for your friends and for your career, and who am I to argue against that?

Now before I begin my review proper of this book you are probably wondering if, on the face of it, making no judgments on the text, this is the most patently insane book my library has ever acquired for its collection.

Yes, actually. Yes it is.

But let us set all that aside and give this book its fair shot. Let us look at this book for what it is and judge it on its own merits.

I read as much of it as I could. I searched and searched for its merits. I kept an eye out for hilarious statements as well. Fourteen solid minutes of this! I am unstinting when it comes to research, and fair play.

So are you ready for my scathing petard hoisting? My ripostes and withering lampoonery?

Alas, I must let us all down. Because who am I to judge the faith of another? Who am I to judge the heart of Donald Trump, let alone that of David Brody and Scott Lamb?

I am just one person. Sometimes I think too many things. Sometimes my rage is suspicious, and closed, and too sure.

I take my pass.  I leave it to God...

...who has become too depressed to comment. 

Way too depressed.


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