Friday, August 3, 2018

An anniversary

I have written here for five years now, plus a little. I have spent 59 total days in Rome. I have eaten taco salad every day now for four days.

I'm just saying I've done a lot of things for a lot of different lengths of time. I have done everything I have ever done for different lengths of time.

For instance I have worked at the same library for 24 years, and it has been good, and bad, and almost anything in between. I've drunk coffee for 14 years now, and I like it.

It occurs to me this all might not be interesting to you. Work that out among yourself, but I have something to say today.

I have been writing this particular essay for 689 seconds now. I kept track. I've been backpacking 39 times. I've read 4,322 books, but only if you count rereads.

But the best thing I have ever done, the sweetest, deepest, most important, and soul satisfying thing I have ever done, the smartest, most miraculous, and magical of all, I have done now for exactly 27 years, to the very day.

So I wanted to say thank you to the Universe, in case it is reading here, which I suspect it sometimes does.

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