Monday, August 13, 2018

Dr. Do Little

I was walking up my river and came to the area where the turkeys hang out. There was a city work crew doing some kind of complicated job involving the sewers. They had a medium sized area carefully cordoned off, but the turkeys were having none of it. These are big birds in a large group. They are not easily intimidated. And they certainly are not intimidated by a bunch of brightly colored balustrades that are a convenient height for them to walk under. 

So they did.

It was causing a small amount of tension around the work site.

So, as I was passing right by, I said to one of these workers "I kind of know these turkeys. Do you want me to say something to them?"

The worker guy looked at me like I was a bit odd. I'm willing to admit to being odd if everyone else will admit to their own being odd. And then he said "And what would you say to these turkeys?"

"Oh, it doesn't really matter." I replied. "They never really listen to me anyway."

This kind of threw the guy. "So what's the point then? Why are you even offering?"

"I like to be helpful."

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