Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hey Moderate Democrat

Hey Moderate Democrat,

Did you ever notice how when you fight with the Right you are even tempered, conciliatory, scrupulous, realistic, defensive and compromising? You give every benefit of the doubt, play fair, hold honor over victory, and let bygones be bygones. You bow to consensus, even if the consensus is fudged, are never too hasty, take the high road, and live to fight another day almost every single day. You are civil, patient, and keep a stiff upper lip.

Meanwhile, did you ever notice how against the Left, usually in your own party, you are dismissive, merciless, practical, nakedly political, marginalizing, willing to play hardball, and committed to winning at all costs? Did you notice that you are impatient, condescending, offensive, insistent on their sacrifice, and willing to forfeit your shared ideals that you somehow never seem to mention on your own?

You never noticed that?

Yes, I guess that would be uncomfortable for you.

Never mind.


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