Monday, August 6, 2018

Hey Republican

Hey Republican,

You probably think I'm going to make fun of you, that your very lack of a sense of humor about yourself makes you funny. 

You may think I'm going to call you a hypocrite for despising Politicians for adultery, greed, and draft dodging only to absolutely worship Politicians doing the same thing with even greater abandon and conviction.

I'm not.

You may think I will accuse you of being without ideals of any meaning, embracing and rejecting policies and Institutions and Countries and Rights with every change of wind and political expediency, rejecting all history, even your own. You may think I am here to accuse you of ignorance, supporting policies that purport to support one thing but support another entirely, or taking a convenient line from the Constitution or Bible as fundamental because of the source, and then heedlessly ducking or prevaricating on the rest.

You might think I am here to call you hardhearted, subservient, brainwashed, slavish, self-destructive, racist, sexist, or even, now, Un-American.

But I am not.

That is because I believe you already know all these things, deep down. I believe all these things talk to you, as an incessant murmur, ever bubbling up, from below.

But it is easier to yell at someone else than it is to yell at yourself, because you cannot make yourself go away.

So you wait for me.

But I didn't say a thing, and I have nothing to say.

I'm just here.

We're all just here, waiting for you to come back.

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