Sunday, August 5, 2018

Internet acronyms explained

I read things, searchingly, on the Internet, until finally I find this blog and realize it was what I was looking for all along. But before I get here I read a lot of acronyms.

The Internet is full of acronyms!

I know what they mean usually, but that doesn't stop me from, by default, reading them with their secret hidden meanings instead.

You read on the Internet too. And sometimes, by accident, you are not here. Most people, on the Internet, are, by mistake, not here. And you encounter acronyms when this happens. Sometimes you don't know what they stand for. And sometimes you know what they stand for, but not their secret meaning.

I'm going to tell you everything now.

That's why you come here.

Acronym:   LOL

What it stands for:  Laugh Out Loud

Secret meaning:  I was mildly, quietly amused.

Acronym:  ROFL

What it stands for:  Rolling On Floor Laughing

Secret meaning:  It was funny enough that I almost could have laughed out loud.

Acronym:  LMAO

What it stands for:  Laughing My Ass Off

Secret meaning:  Same as ROFL except the person doesn't like the undignified idea of being on the floor.

Acronym:  /s

What it stands for:  (Denotes) Sarcasm

Secret meaning:  It is impossible to underrate the subtlety of an Internet audience enough.

Acronym:  AOL

What it stands for:  America Online

Secret meaning:  I'm more of a "Nineties Internet" sort of person

Acronym:  AMA

What it stands for:  Ask Me Anything

Secret meaningAsk me anything and I'll choose which ones I'd like to answer.

Acronym:  IIRC

What it stands for:  If I Recall Correctly

Secret meaning:  I could confirm this on the Internet, but I am forgetting that I am on the Internet.

Acronym:  FTFY

What it stands for:  For The Fastest Yodeler

Secret meaning:  I don't know the secret meaning. This acronym has always been an inscrutable one to me.

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