Saturday, August 11, 2018

The truth is harder than you think

At my job, and especially with my bosses, there are certain things that it would be unwise and impossible to have honest conversations about. This is sad, but on the whole I understand and accept it. I am only able to do so however because I have these conversations in my imagination.

And here is one:

"I wanted to ask a question." I say one evening to my manager.

"Great. I am always glad to hear your questions because you are so frank and we can speak honestly about all aspects of working here." My manager responds.

So far it is going really well!

"First of all," I say. "You do realize that nearly every evening you assign a person to the phone station for two hours, and that person almost never has anything to do, for two whole paid hours, except to sit in a nice, quiet, private space and fool around on a computer." 

"I don't like much to think of it." My manager responds. "But I am aware of it."

"Okay then, here is my question."

"I eagerly await it."

"How come," I ask. "Even though no one does any real work during that time, and everyone goofs off there, how come even though I work three nights a week, I have, in eight years, never, not once, been assigned to that job?"

My manager looks frankly at me. "It is because I think you would enjoy it more than anyone else."

"Oh." I say.

"Do you have any more questions you would like to ask?"

"Not anymore," I mumble. "Thanks."


  1. LOL :( but also :).

    If need translation, see blog

    1. If only there were a blog that translated your complicated acronym!!!

    2. Oh, I found one! It means you were mildly amused.

      I'll take it!


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