Monday, August 20, 2018

What to say to a Republican

Do not argue. Arguing does not work, no matter how civil and calm you are.

Do not accuse them of being:

In a cult.

No matter how much truth there may or may not be in these appellations.

Try not to hate.


Love, and give a little advice.


Though you have, alas, sold your soul, fear not. It is yours to take back at any time because, after all, you were given nothing for it.

Oh, I think it has value. More than we dream.


  1. "Where's your clan robes, honey? Did you forget them at home again? Oh good lord, i almost didn't recognize you."

    1. Sure, I like its sly and charming tone, but this one only works until they no longer consider that an insult, a couple more years at this pace.


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