Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Even Bansky can't win

Aw man. Even Bansky can't win.

In a week full of hideous news and the triumph of evil, Bansky dipped his toe in. Thank you Bansky.

I assume you know the story, but a few of you get all your news from clerkmanifesto, which is actually a good idea that I would recommend to anyone. So you might not have heard about it yet.

The mysterious artist Bansky, creator of deranged theme parks and satirical graffiti, had one of his iconic images go up on auction at Southeby's. It sold for over a million pounds. But years earlier Bansky had hidden a shredder in the structure of the frame just in case the piece ever came up in auction. The moment the gavel sounded an alarm went off in the framed piece and it self-shredded, lowering weirdly out the bottom of the frame with half the canvas sliced into hanging ribbons.

This was good stuff. It spread through the International news and amused the Internet; a dashing and dramatic little critique of capitalism and the art world, and a new iconic moment in the history of art.

And what now of the destroyed painting? 

They say its probably already worth twice as much as what it sold for.

They get you coming, and they get you going...

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