Monday, November 5, 2018

Dungeons and dragons

Because early voting is still taking place at our library, some of our regular events have had to be bumped out to other rooms in the library. This is how the Dungeons and Dragons group ended up in one of our more distant rooms, a room that can be fairly complicated to give directions to. A couple of teenagers came up to find out where it was being held today, and I went through the usual speech: Upstairs, to the left, left again, all the way through the fiction to a big magazine/seating area there, and then kind of behind you, in a glassed in room, the board room. It's in there.

But by the time the third kid came to ask I was prepared. I had scrounged up some graph paper. And when they asked where the Dungeons and Dragons was being held today I whipped out that graph paper and went to it:

You go three squares South and four squares East until you come to a Staircase. Halfway up you will meet a +2 Fire Kobold. If your Wit roll is high enough you can trick him into telling you the password. If it isn't he will attack you. At the top of the stairs you will find a small, locked treasure chest with a password inside. Head eight squares North to a Goblin run shop, affectionately known as "The Reference Desk". They can sell you computer passes, passwords, and scrap paper. Pick up at least one password if you didn't crack the treasure chest or the Kobold. Head 17 squares West, through the "Pillar of Tomes". It might be worth your while to search out spell books in there, though it can be tedious and you need high Perception to spot one. Deal with some low level Orcs and you might pick up a decent leather jerkin. Six blocks North from there will take you to the Board Room. Use your password. God only knows what will happen to you in there.

I didn't mean to go on as long as that, but this was to someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons. It probably was like an instant to them.

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