Sunday, November 4, 2018


Any artist is going to want to be circumspect about political endorsements, especially an artist as imaginarily influential as myself. But though the specificity of an endorsement is dangerous to art, which partly must exist as an entire Universe of itself, there are moments where the artist (me!), must take a chance, when life is in the balance, and say:

All this wisdom has real world implications.

Of course Sauron, for instance, is just a fabrication, a work of the imagination, but if one cannot recognize a little bit of him in, say, Vladimir Putin, what was the point in rooting against him in the first place?

And with that in mind I offer this election endorsement:

I support good.

I urge you to do the same.

You know what good is.

No, under that.

No, under that too.

Keep going.

Yes, yes, under that.

There you go!

Recognize it?

It's you.

Vote for you.

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