Thursday, November 29, 2018

Grass is greener

Next year my wife and I will go to Florence, Italy, for the first time. We have, as you would know from reading this blog (wait, you do read this blog, don't you? You're not a... gasp... Internet Wanderer?) 


Anyway, we have been many times to Rome. And every time we went to Rome I would spend hundreds of hours pouring over the Internet looking for the best gelaterias. You could easily click on my "gelato" tag below to read dozens of my gelato posts concerning this, but I wouldn't recommend it, especially to the Internet Wanderers, who will be much more gainfully employed picking the cheap locks that are all I have to protect our silverware.

It's super valuable silverware.

As for the rest of my readers I don't recommend going back to read dozens of my old gelato posts because you will need all your energy for today's post. It is an advanced post, and really hard to keep track of, with complex sentence structures and dozens of complicated digressions. I'm just saying


Anyway, all those many times I poured over the Internet, looking for the best Gelato in Rome, you know what happened? The Internet would tell me that there is some really good gelato in Rome, but boy, you should go to Florence. THAT is the ultimate place for gelato.

Well, we are going to Florence. So I look up where the best gelato is and the Internet says it's in Rome. Rome has all these great gelaterias. The Internet also suggests Paris (we were there a year ago, and, trust me, there was absolutely no mention of this then), and Copenhagen, where we were less than two months ago and where we sure didn't see any of these amazing places and none of them turned up in my research during my preparations.

From which we can conclude

Boy, we sure do get to go to a lot of swell places!


The Internet is broken.


The Internet is messing with me.


There is no way to discuss gelato intelligibly. 

Yes, definitely that at least. There is probably no way to discuss gelato intelligibly.

But I'm fully committed to trying. 

So leave me with a few of my silver spoons.


  1. I will forever remember the deliciousness of lavender gelato at La Strega Nocciola - it's right around the corner from the the Ponte Vecchio.

    1. Perhaps it's a case of like drawing like. I know I told everyone NOT to go back and read all my massive catalog of gelato posts, but, er, if one did, out of sheer willfulness and good sense, they would have encountered my first conclusions/awards/recommendations from my month long gelato survey in Rome, in which the single greatest flavor award was given to:

      Lavender Gelato at La Strega Nocciola. They have a branch in the Spanish Steps area too!


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