Sunday, November 18, 2018

I am working most when you say I'm not

Due to a small staff shortage I was running the front desk of the library by myself. I was between library patrons not doing much of anything other than sitting up attentively and waiting for someone who needed help. A regular of the library came up to me and said "You must have the cushiest job in the whole world."

This came from a woman who very much likes to talk to certain of us at the front desk. Her specialty is credibly asking for advice she never takes. She's not the worst of patrons, but she can be a challenge to peel away from the front desk.

I did not say in response "You are work." Because I am pretty diplomatic at the front desk.

I told her that I don't have the cushiest job in the world, I just play someone who does.

Then she asked me about getting rid of 12 bags of Autumn leaves she had now in her garage.

"Oh shoot." I said. "I need to help the next person in line."

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