Monday, November 19, 2018

Internet protest

Today we enter the fifth day of my Internet protest. In case you already forgot what, exactly, my Internet protest was, let me refresh your memory. I have decided, since I bitterly resent the Internet, that I should no longer waste my time on it. Instead, every time I feel an impulse to surf the Internet on a hopeless quest for enlightenment and entertainment, I will instead write for the Internet. Well, not The Internet, rather The Amateur Internet, the non monetized Internet I am going to invent any day now, as soon as a get a few spare minutes.

So far I have done pretty well, only checking the Internet briefly for the weather reports, rumors and news concerning the Barcelona Futbol Club, tips and tricks for playing Red Dead Redemption 2, updates on the World Chess Championship (four draws as I write), USPS tracking of the t-shirts I ordered online before the protest (The Gates of Moria, The White Stipes as cute little characters, Charlie Brown's Christmas, Four Seasons of Totoro, and a second Addams Family shirt), frequent checks of my blog to see if there is a new comment to respond to (hardly ever), recipes for toast, Amazon reviews of J fic novels I am considering reading, youtube videos making fun of Republicans, more gossip about Barcelona fc, highlight videos of Messi, Air bnb apartments in Florence, the latest Ruben Bolling cartoon on Boing Boing, an optimistic check for any new Captain Disillusion videos, maps telling me there are no shortcuts for me on my morning walk, and whatever I need to look up on the Internet for the people I help while working at the library.

Oh, you may laugh at me and say that is not much of a boycott, but here's the thing. Looking up all the many things I have listed above, and reading, examining, and watching them carefully, takes a total of 11 minutes a day. Everything beyond that is meaningless filler.

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