Friday, November 16, 2018

Two Internets

I may have mentioned a few thousand times here that I don't like the Internet. Oh, that doesn't stop me from using the Internet, surfing the Internet, and reading the Internet. But perhaps, if it could, it should. What if every time I felt compelled to look at the Internet I just made some more Internet instead?

Here's some Internet for you:

I think there should be two Internets. We can have this, the wildly inferior one, full of mega corporations, Russian bots, and people nattering on about Important Things that their paid betters have done, and we can call it The Professional Internet. You will still come to this Internet to buy things and do whatever it is you do now on the Internet.

What do you do on the Internet? Seriously. I mean, besides read this?

The second Internet, the new one, is going to be The Amateur Internet.

No one, but no one will be allowed to make any money on it. No host, no venue, no content provider, no one. It will just be people putting stuff together for the hell of it, like bloody anarchists.

It will be disorganized and crappy. 

It's going to save the world.

As soon as I get a few free minutes I'll go start it up.

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