Friday, November 9, 2018


And so Winter comes to clerkmanifesto. The storm windows go in and all the blog's topiary is covered in burlap. We conserve energy and try to stay warm. It's just me and the last five readers once ag... wait, lost one, it's four readers. Four readers! Whatever. I have written giant blog posts in my time. I have won the Internet, Nobel Prizes, Bob Dylan's friendship, and Wisdom itself. Yes, I won wisdom. But I can't find any of that now. There are no great blog posts in my history, just a road that disappears into the forever behind me. I am packing lunches for the geese flying south. I am lowering my heartbeat. If I come across a last punchline or two I put them in a bag and shove them to the back of the closet. Wake me up if I'm about to do something good.

The golf course I keep a constant eye on has shut down for the winter too. People will play in the Spring once again, but it's worth remembering that when they do nobody will be any better at anything.

Have you noticed that all your dreams have come true? Well, not all of them, rather a small, almost completely random assortment of them. And this Winter we will dream new dreams. Who knows what will happen.


  1. I wish much rest and peace for the golfers.
    I wish rest for the blogger, and peace for the blogger.
    I wish myself the same, that my dreams shape
    to the day.

  2. Here’s to much fruitful contemplation during the coming winter. And, you know, good snacks.

    1. Thank you. Yes, surely it will come with snacks or what's the point.


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