Sunday, December 23, 2018

From the ALA

A message from the American Library Association:

Dear Library Professional:

We are delighted to announce a new upgrade in the names of library professionals. While we cherish the proud history of the term "Librarian" we are also aware that this storied title has, in the past decades, become more and more loosely applied. At this point, to many lay people, it means pretty much anyone who works with books in a library. Instead of fighting this understanding we have decided to accept it, and, at the same time, upgrade the title formerly known as "Librarian" to a term more befitting of the great training and stature of the work done by these people.

From this point forward all people working with books and materials in libraries, regardless of training, will be know as "Librarians".

Meanwhile, also from this point forward, the highly trained professionals formerly known as "Librarians" will henceforth be known exclusively as "Bibliogoblins".

Congratulations to all the newly minted librarians and bibliogoblins among you, and keep up your noble work.

In regard and fellowship,

Lucius Allesandra Mesomorph, Bibliogoblin (MLS, 1992)
Secretary Chair of the ALA Naming Rights Committee


  1. I wanna be a Bibliogoblin! I bet the regalia is even more fabulous than all those sequins and brocades that the underling librarians wear.

    1. I'm reminded of Richard Feynman's comments on epaulets:

      "I don't believe in honors - it bothers me. Honors bother: honors is epaulettes; honors is uniforms. My papa brought me up this way." (

    2. Sure, but he wore that Nobel Prize Medal, like, everywhere!

      I'm actually not sure how I feel about honors, never having gotten any, so yes, they totally bother me too.

      Totally irrelevant note: every sentence in all my replies to your comments include the word "Sure".

  2. Well, I guess I'm certifiable as a bibliogoblin (some would have stopped me after "certifiable"), but most of what my job includes is library clerk, er, I mean "Librarian", work, so I'll just call myself a librarian, if it's all the same.


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