Thursday, December 13, 2018

Google assesses my writing

Because I think search engines, like Google, are broken and evil and hate my blog and all things non monetizable, I sometimes find myself testing clerkmanifesto related searches to acquire proof of their malfeasance. And so there I was doing some careful research by running an open Internet search with a large chunk of text from one of my posts. I don't really remember what I was specifically trying to prove, but I'm sure much was indicated by how "Clerkmanifesto" did not come up in the results. You would no doubt be hearing a lacerating account of corporate hegemony and the hostility towards human diversity if something quite surprising and delightful did not, instead, show up almost at the very top of these peculiar search results: 


William Shakespeare.

Yes, Google, faced with a chunk of my prose, trying to match it to the most vast collection of writing ever collected in the history of Humanity, thinks it is most nearly like the writing of William Shakespeare. 


Ha ha, just kidding, I don't know what forsooth means, but I do know that Google must think I am one of the greatest writers to ever plow the keyboards. I am humbled, truly humb...

What's that?

The other results?

Yes, there was one result that was higher than Shakespeare. It was: 

Full text of "Catalogue of the Everett Public Library: Accepted by the Town, May 3, 1880"

I'm still trying to work out what that one meant.

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