Friday, December 7, 2018

Three state solution redux

In an unfortunate choice of titles the other day I presented to the world my "Three State Solution". This referred to three states of transportation: walking, biking, and cars and how they should all be stringently separated. Unfortunately, because of the alternate associations of its title, it led certain people that I was going to solve the problems of Israel and the Palestinians.

First of all: That is a lot of faith in me!

Second of all: I did not realize I had a following among World Leaders!

Third of all: If the United Nations is going to post my blog daily, as it has for three years, on its homepage, it should probably have let me know.

But no worries.

So you were all wanting me to solve The Troubles in the Middle East, as they used to call it and probably don't so much anymore. Easy peasey!

The Three State Solution

The Old City of Jerusalem with the main religious historical sights and anything kind of neat nearby, along with a bit of useful territory to manage from, will be a United Nations Wonderland, an International State under the auspices of the U.N. and governed by a panel of five people; an Israeli, a Palestinian, a Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian. All of them must live there in the U.N. State under a lifetime vow of poverty, and though they can be religious they cannot affiliate with or belong to any Church, Mosque, or Temple. Also they cannot associate with any state except in formal panel settings.

The Palestinians get a state with more territory than Israel would dream of giving because Israel has been such assholes for so long. No military, but borders entirely guaranteed by the U.N.

Israel gets the remainder and are free to keep electing terrible leaders, but they get no military. However, as a sop, they get to keep Nuclear Weapons to kill everyone on the planet with out of respect for past history and because the Jew Haters are never going to dry up.

Three states: U.N. International Heritage, Palestinian, Israeli.

Legislators and diplomats call me for more details, I'm glad to help.

I just want World Peace.

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