Sunday, December 30, 2018

Wolves return to France

It's a good news/bad news situation as viable wolf populations have returned to France. 

The European Gray Wolf went extinct in France in the thirties, but in the early nineties a pair of Italian wolves crossed the Alps into France. Now there are over 500 wolves in France and they are considered to be "Demographically viable", which means, and I'm just winging it here, they are viable in a demographic way.

The really great thing about this is that there are way too many rabbits in France and everyone is hoping the wolves will eat up some of the rabbits. Also looking like winners in this ecological triumph are the sellers and manufacturers of Grandmotherly disguises, who will be expecting increased business for their line in small, outlying villages.  Of course, the sheep herders of France are not happy about the situation and have even brought their sheep to Paris to express their dismay. 

However, it is not the sheep herders who need to be kept happy...

it's the woodcutters.


  1. I read your post twice and then the coffee kicked in and I understood the Grandmotherly disguises! Great one! So..are the French sheep herders really worried?

    1. Yes! It was very much a real news story mashed up with a bit o' fairytale. So the source news story I read even had a nice picture of a crusty French Shepherd with his flock of sheep in the middle of Paris! I guess wolves like sheep better than rabbits!


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