Thursday, January 31, 2019

One last fun fact about our epic cold wave

It's late at night. I'm up in our aerie apartment, not quite ready to sleep, looking over the city and also looking over my upcoming blog posts about the record arctic front sweeping through my town, trimming my essays down and preparing them, like a sushi chef. Cars are still out on the streets outside, though not many. One limps by, seeming almost crippled. Strange noises occasionally explode to punctuate the silence of a night where the city retreats into cloaks of steam. But oddly nothing looks that different. I feel chilled, ice collects in the inside corners of our windows, but the temperature is the same in here as it ever is in the winter. And unlike in a snowstorm, outside the view is still, and unchanged.

But then this fact occurred to me, and it makes me happy:

It is exactly one hundred degrees colder outside, three feet away from me, than it is, right now, where I am.

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