Saturday, January 26, 2019

The latest indictments

I read a lot about the disastrous Trump Presidency and in particular the developments regarding the Mueller investigation. I rarely talk about any of it in this space because, and it pains me to admit it, I don't understand most of what I read. I am half lost, stumbling around in the dark desperate for a recognizable object. "Wait, so who is Roger Stone again? What did he do? Right, he's an advisor to Trump in cahoots with Wikileaks and he told a guy to testify something or he would hurt his dog." I'm just saying it's hard to keep it all straight and the discussion gets nuanced, legal, conjectural, bizarre, and interpretive very quickly.

I hate to commend and refer to the Internet, but I am occasionally compelled to do so. Someone wonderfully posted, to some small four hour notoriety (I already can't find it again), a little gif of what it feels like to follow the Mueller Investigation and the crumbling of this Presidency. It shows a big truck barreling along at a relentless speed heading for a very solid looking, short, stout metal post. A series of quick cuts are made of the truck bearing down, each angle increasing the tension of the imminent collision, but it just keeps going on. The edits keep happening. The truck keeps tearing towards the post, but it never ever hits it.

Maybe this is how revenge feels. Maybe there is no satisfaction possible. Maybe the thing will never happen. Yes, one day the President will not be Donald Trump. A thousand cuts will take their toll, but I think that what we are hoping for is that something dies that maybe cannot die. It is baked into the heart of humankind. It is dark and cannot be slain. We fight on because evil sucks. But it is relentless. And that winning, that triumph over it, each time, is so small it is hard to see.

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