Friday, January 11, 2019

Throw up

The highlight tonight at the front desk of the library was throw-up. Brace yourself.

My co-worker's small son came for a visit and then with no warning threw-up just behind the front desk. Then he threw up some more. Then, just as one stood there in shock wondering how so much throw-up could come from out of such a small child, he threw-up a whole bunch more, gouting it from his mouth in an absurdly thick, lumpy, pink/tan stream.

Sorry, I hope you weren't eating.

After he threw up he said he'd had a piece of pizza. He felt fine now.

We, however now had a lake of vomit, and it did not smell good. It was a lot of cleaning. A custodial person was there and she cleaned, but it really wasn't enough. And even after the combined efforts of three of us and 45 minutes of cleaning I can still smell it right now, lurking underneath all the many cleaners and scents and soaps. 

It's funny how much and how often our library patrons need our help at our front desk, and yet for about a half hour in there no one needed anything from us. Nothing at all.


  1. A few years ago, we were HELLA busy, with a good chunk of the staff involved in Passports, when a kid fountained out the vomit at our self-check stations (thankfully, the floor there was tile). I was nominally in charge, and looked at the new guy. "Paper, rock, scissors, loser has to clean it up?"

    I lost.

    1. That was sporting. Yes, our floor is some kind of finished concrete or something, something I was repeatedly thankful for.


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