Saturday, February 9, 2019

Kids today

Yeah, sure it's cold. It was minus nine this morning when we were driving about on the frozen streets. As you might know it almost hit minus 30 last week. And we have snow too. A beautiful blizzard swept through The Twin Cities yesterday, all charming fat snowflakes for those of us watching inside, but a bit more grim for the folks trying to get around on their usual business. A full eight inches of snow they say.

But I just want to note this is nothing compared to when I was a kid. And I know it's a bit of a cliche to get a bit older and opine about how much tougher we had it, but that doesn't mean I should forsake the truth. That doesn't mean I shouldn't call them as I see them. That doesn't mean that it really wasn't, way back then, a time of but a few, crappy TV stations, inferior Juvenile literature options, and vastly more cruel weather!

And it's not just that the weather was worse. Do you know how many days the schools closed over weather here over the past couple of weeks? Neither do I, and it's too boring to look up on the Internet, but it was at least three days. Three days, possibly even four! Do you know how many weather related school closure days I experienced in my miserable 12 year run in public schools? 


I had a total of two days off because of weather in the course of 12 years of crappy, elementary education!

And while I am grudgingly willing to acknowledge it never got colder than 48 degrees during the course of my schooling in Southern California, I cannot begin to express how chilly that can feel in the terrible, low quality windbreakers a person could acquire back in the seventies.

So my advice to everyone here is to just put on a quality hat, toughen up, and head on outside to freeze to death. Literally freeze to death.

The planet is doomed anyway.

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