Monday, March 18, 2019


If my library were my capitalist business I suppose I'd be more excited by the way when we peel back the front gates at opening the humanity streams in. Nevertheless I still appreciate our popularity. And though I know our main opening attraction is a series of first come first serve private study rooms, there is still a visceral thrill and slight terror to how when we fling back those barricades we unleash something like a cattle stampede. Stand back. These people are animals!

Meaning no offense. They're very nice animals. Ultimately they just want to graze.

Or maybe it would be better said if I likened it to opening a bottle of champagne. We fling back the sliding gates in a nervous rush, jumping clear as we do so. The study room people burst explosively through the opening. Behind that pent up pressure pours the other eager library goers, nearly falling over themselves, spilling out into the library like foam.

Most of it ends up on the floor, wasted.

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