Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sumultaneous submission

Dear Publisher:

Right off the bat I want to acknowledge that this manuscript submission is a simultaneous submission. I am concurrently shopping it around to 427 other publishers. Who knew there were 428 publishers!

Oh, right, you did. So, well done.

And I know you might not accept simultaneous submissions. But I think you will find that this manuscript is a special case. It is, as we say in the business "Hot stuff".

Oh, we don't say "Hot stuff" in the business? You would know.

Sadly, I wouldn't.

But the important thing here is that whatever relationship we form here, we begin on the basis of honesty.

So yes there are a lot of different publishers out there, along with you, competing in a bidding war over my manuscript. Indeed there are now 428 publishers competing in a wild publishing auction over my manuscript! It's kind of exciting!

That might sound a little intimidating for you. But there is some good news for you as I see it:

If you want to publish my book that will probably be enough to win.


F. Calypso

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