Thursday, March 21, 2019

The new me

In the interest of my health and even more so as a good faith effort in trying to snore less, I adopted a series of new eating habits. Basically I have a piece of whole grain rye toast with butter in the morning, along with coffee and milk. Lunch is some sort of as much as I like grain, meat, vegetable, cheese thing. Dinner is usually a bit of fish with a little grain and vegetable. I also have a second coffee and fruit as I want it- so far that is an expensive blueberry habit. Sometimes, if I can manage it, I can have wine or a cocktail as well. There are also these rules:

1. No alcohol after the earliesh evening.

2. No sweeteners or sugar of any kind.

3. No snacks ever other than fruit.

I have been doing this for over a month now and it's going pretty well. I feel pretty good. I might snore less though it can be hard to tell what with my being asleep when it happens. Alas that today, though, after more than a dedicated month of it, I realized that absolutely no one has said to me:

"You look really healthy!" or

"You're looking well!" or even

"Have you lost weight?"

And though, like with this blog, I manage to get by mostly on the steam of my own satisfaction, it is nevertheless slightly disconcerting that what people do say to me is:

"You look like you're thinking about food."

How do they know?

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