Tuesday, April 30, 2019


I have authored a new word. Use it as often as you like: 


It is the best new word of the Century. When the august journals print their lists of the best new words of 2019 this will surely top all the lists.


Perhaps you are wondering how I thought of it?

I have long held the concept of the word in my mind, but I did not have the word for it. At the library I work at, for decades I have tussled with the patrons over small fines, policies, and varied understandings of just what happened to a book. And I noticed a phenomenon: People were sometimes confused, or mistaken, or even deluded, but somehow almost invariably in their own favor. If they got a date wrong, or mistook a policy, or weren't clear on what someone told them, the mistake they made did not favor them 50 percent of the time, as the law of averages would dictate. It favored them 99.99 percent of the time, suggesting other forces at work.

I started referring to this as "people being deluded in their own favor". Then I woke up one morning, this one actually, and decided this idea needed a proper word.

I chose "Condeluded".

It means to be mistaken, or make a mistake, suspiciously in one's own favor. Like someone bad at math who consistently gives you the wrong change, but always too little and never too much.


It's best synonym would be: 


Oh, you'd like to see it used in a sentence? I have written one just for you!

Not least because he is the author of said word, Feldenstein Calypso's belief that "condeluded" is the most important new word of this century is condeluded.


  1. I have been saying condeluded for years 🤣🤣 didn’t know it wasn’t a word. Used it for the same definition you do! So ya it needs to be in the dictionary lolol

  2. I would suggest that it stretches out past that, to having an opinion suspiciously in ones favour. like, buying a air compressor that'll sit there often not doing anything, because it'll allow you once in a blue moon to do something you otherwise couldn't. That is also condeluded I think.


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