Saturday, April 6, 2019

Done it before

A man came up to the front desk of the library to talk to me. I was honored. He said "My wife sent me to pick up something."

I asked him a lot of questions. It would be way too boring for you if I listed them all here.

Oh! You would? Well, sure then. Here are a selection:

"Do you have her library card?"

"Do you have a library card of your own?"

"Do you know what she wanted you to get?"

He answered "No." to all these questions.  All the negativity made him cranky, so he said, exasperated "They let me do this last time!" 

We were on a shift change and the worst of all my co-workers was waiting to take my seat at the front desk. I asked her if she wanted to take over. To my surprise she did. Three hours later and I'm pretty sure she's still out there with him, working it all out.

And while I was delighted to be released from the whole thing I must add it to the vast list of unanswered question that have piled up in my life: 

What, exactly, did they let him do?

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