Friday, April 12, 2019


I love where I live with my wife. It's high up and there are lots of things to look out of the windows at. Sometimes there are birds and sometimes, like today, there is snow and wind and thunder. You can see the thunder. It looks like flashes of light. It's not really how I'd think thunder would look, but it's still pretty interesting.

When the conditions are just right outside, like they are today, our washing machine, or maybe it's our bathroom plumbing in the walls, develops digestive problems. All day long something here has gurgled and knocked, rumbled and groaned. When it first happens we spring up like someone is urgently pounding on our door, or trying to bang their way in through one of the walls. But after becoming accustomed to it it becomes almost friendly, like Totoro is sleeping uneasily, but happily, in one of our closets.

I have a sore throat. So I didn't do anything today. I played a game. I looked out the window. I ate a blood orange. And I wrote a blog post.

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