Friday, April 5, 2019

In Service Day, 2019

Yesterday my library system had its now biannual In Service Day. It was scheduled on my day off so I didn't go. But the truth is I never go to these things. Yes I hate them. Yes I am on vacation, or very sick, or have no good way to get there. But I'm not sure any of those are the true reason.

Whatever the reason is though I miss out on all the meaningless classes, the vast institutional double speak, the wretched insult of a lunch, and the borderline punative top down bureaucratic affronts to the staff, to the taxpayers, and to the library itself. I miss out on the poor planning, and I miss being herded into shoddily arranged meeting areas, and I miss the miserable box lunch.

Oh, right, I already mentioned the lunch. I really hate the lunch. Did you know that one year it was cheese sandwiches made by a Thai Restaurant? That was one of the better years.

None of my co-workers like In Service Day. And when I see them afterwards they tell me of their resentment. But their resentment is still miniscule compared to my own. I am the master of resentment. I am the veritable Messi of resentment. My resentment is elaborate, unending, and almost magical. I resent In Service Day with my whole heart, with a chalkboard list of a thousand reasons, with a critique that runs for hours. It is a wild, irrational, gigantic, and grandiose resentment.

And so in the end that is probably why I don't go. I don't want to make anyone, in the mildness or their resentment, feel inferior.

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