Sunday, April 14, 2019

In which I solve the problem of begging

I don't remember so much begging everywhere. Every crowded intersection, the exits of some of the parking lots I regularly use, an occasional busy corner, all now regularly come with beggars. And that's just the direct to end-user begging. There's also the massive professional begging business. I can't say that the non profit begging that comes through the mail is new, but more and more places I shop indulge in this refined small change begging: "Would you like to round up for the Indigenous Collaborative Food Shelf." is the sort of way that goes.

Sometimes, maybe even most of the time I round up. But to tell you the truth I can't be trusted to tap into my human sympathy at any reasonable level that allows me to fork over enough of my money. I want my money. I like to buy things with it. But I'm not the only one in this regard. No one can be trusted. You can't be trusted. You aren't cutting it. Rich people can't be trusted, that's for sure. And poor people are still hungry. They are sick. They are homeless. There is no one in the world who gives enough. We have all let everyone down. Everybody. It just doesn't work.

If only there were some way to band together...

So how about if my local Co-op grocery store, or hardware store says "Would you like to round up for leftist candidates who support an absolute poverty level social safety net?"

"What will poor people eat in the meantime?" You inquire.


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