Monday, April 1, 2019

Making work work

Another Sunday at the library. I work every other one of these, usually after three days off. Upon my reintroduction I was mad at so many things about the library that it would take several thousand blog posts to address them all. I've been at this daily for six years. I'm about a third of the way there. When life gives you lemons...

Someone, we'll call him Jake, who doesn't normally work on Sundays, was here for some complicated schedule make-up reason. This irritated me. But I figured I'd better get a grip.

"I know you're not normally here on Sundays." I said to him in greeting "But at 2 o'clock on Sundays we all gather together for prayers."

I am always a little surprised and a little delighted at how many of my co-workers respond so well to this sort of thing. "We gather in the parking lot and hold hands." He said, nodding.

"Don't worry." I reassured him. "It's totally non denominational."

Eh. It's not so bad here.

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