Saturday, April 13, 2019

Next to Picasso's blue period picture

This morning we got up and went to the MIA. That's the local world class art museum. It's a good one. In the Spring they do this brief show called Art in Bloom. Floral arrangers (flower artists?) choose works in the museum and then they make flower arrangements that go with them, maybe echoing a painting's themes, or colors, or even, perhaps in a still life of a vase of flowers, simply echoing it all. 

Much to our faux consternation it was snowing heavily today. The fact is that we get our share of big April snowstorms in Minnesota and though one easily feels indignant when it happens, it tends to be a bit of a theatrical response. No one pays it any mind really, not deep down. It's just snow. It barely even sticks to the streets. It fills in the potholes. It's white. It's fluffy. 

We've seen it.

So we drove to the museum and there were a million cars. There was no parking anywhere. So we left.

Was it disappointing?

Only in the sense that there's something a little sad about being turned away from something that's not all that great. 


  1. Hi,
    Lazy and low-key stalker here. I read your outpouring but rarely find the initiative to comment.
    Anyway, I was a bit disappointed for you in the missing of the art show. I thought it ironic the local museum's acronym is MIA, Missed in April.
    Though I reside in beautiful downtown Arkansas now, I grew up in the north.
    Yep...even where I attended boot camp was Great Lakes, so I do understand about late snow and its last hurrah during those final, turbulent weeks before actual Spring.
    And the accompanying indifference.
    It's an annoyance but not a true hindrance in a great many activities, so I can sympathize.
    I do hope the showing lasted long enough for you and yours to make a return trip and actually enjoy the showing.
    If not, you may wish to visit a library. I hear they have books there and one or two might be about art!
    Hahaha. Sorry. Couldn't resist that attempt at humor!
    Well, I'll close and let you return to a normal existence.
    Thanks for the many chuckles, insights and good-natured pokes at what some call reality! It a pleasure to read a tale with in the English language and isn't a diatribe about food, conspiracies or personal and needless drama--accompanied by the seemingly obligatory duck-face photo(s).
    Be well and satisfied.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You are of course welcome to quietly read this blog without ever commenting and not have to consider it either lazy or stalking, but it was nice of you to weigh in- it's nice to have the perspective. For instance, I thought clerkmanifesto was all about food, conspiracies and personal drama, so maybe I've successfully concealed it.

      I'm okay missing the flower show which is cute, and mildly interesting, but nothing to regret.

      And yeah, I'll visit a library soon enough or I'll go broke.


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