Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Oh, you so know it's true!

I have to confess that I spend a bit too much time on the Internet. It's that feeling that there is some quality content just the tiniest click away, and everything always seems ever so close on the Internet. If only one can find it. So I click along with all the other mice hoping a pellet will drop. The trick is that there is no method to the pellets dropping. One can click ten times and a pellet will drop, and one can click a thousand times and... nothing.

And these pellets? Really tasty?

Wait, who said that? I'm 90 percent sure that can't be the point at all!

The important thing is that I have a solution to all of this. One slight flaw with my solution is that it requires being rich, but as you can see from my many letters to publishers that I have recently shared with you in this space, big bucks are just around the corner for me.

So what I propose to do is hire a full-time staff to compile for me all of the high quality content produced across the massive Internet during each 24 hour period (the Internet never sleeps!). This group of dedicated researchers will tirelessly fight through the astonishing breadth of content across Internetland and succinctly present to me all, or very nearly all of the amazing new content on the Internet from the past day!

Then I will sit down for three minutes and look at it. Brilliant!

Wait, three minutes. That's it?

Well, maybe I'll just click around a bit and see if anything new has come on.

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