Friday, June 28, 2019

Democratic debate

I watched the Democratic debates. And because the odds are that you didn't, a choice I can't much fault, I am here to tell you who won!

This is super important in Presidential Debates because most people, including me, usually catch only a bit of the debate, or none of it at all, but might hear a snatch of news. So they, or we, mostly walk away with some kind of media consensus winner. One might even say that for the vast majority of us the whole candidate of our choice is not put together from long, disciplined study, but rather from little bits of cobbled together scraps. Too often it's made out of the scraps of other people's opinions.

But not so at least with these debates. I have the authoritative winner for you right here. I watched them for us all. This is the objective stuff, the real deal.

The winner was:

Whoever you wanted it to be.

I'll back you up on that. Unless it's Biden. Fuck Biden.


  1. I watched the first one. For the second, a couple of long detours on my library-capturing trip meant that I only saw the last 5 minutes. And some highlights, if you want to call them that.

    BTW, three libraries today, one where the Director was out and nobody had the guts to tell me I could take pictures. No, that's not quite right. A clerk at the service desk said "sure." Then two librarians at the reference desk said, "Oh dear, we have some new policies, here's the director's email address so you can ask her." Finally, the children's librarian said, "I've only been here a few weeks, but I'm sure it would be all right. May I take your picture? I'll put it on Facebook and tell the director to say yes." I'm going to email the director.

    That, by the way, was in the town that was featured in that Bette Davis movie, and I learned that a LOT of creative license was taken with the story. And staff there never saw, or even heard of the movie.

    The library with Trixie the cat was wonderful.

    And one that I visited because I saw the blue-and-white library sign and had a little slack in my schedule was...just sort of odd.

    1. So then who won the debate?

      Thank you for the preview (hopefully) on your visits. Just goes to show, don't you think, that cats are invariably forces for good.

      No matter what I look forward to exhaustive reports!

  2. Cats are definitely forces for good, and Trixie is a very nice example of "cat." Very interested in my shoes (oooh...other cats) not so interested in the gift I brought her.

    As for who won the debate...I have no idea. My short-term memory can't deal with that many debaters.

    1. Was the gift a nice fish?

      Who wouldn't like a nice fish? Maybe a sardine, even an anchovy would do.


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