Saturday, June 29, 2019

How to measure your hydration levels

I'm not usually a fan of the soccer announcers. Mostly I get English people who pretend to be calm and neutral but aren't really, deep down. And it's not that deep down either once they wake from their talking slumber. The Women's World Cup has been a mixed bag, and the in-crowd fandom of the American commentators gets to me a little, but once I set aside the "rah-rah our team" stuff, and see it through the lens of "I'm just so excited about all these players and how women's soccer is a big deal right now" it takes on a kind of disarming charm. It can be blunt and unabashed. My favorite moment came in the first half of the France vs. America game.

During a lull in the action talk turned to the heatwave in France. It's in the 90's while they're playing which can pose problems. The main narrators of the game briefly took the discussion to some specialty analyst to discuss the U.S. team preparations for these challenging conditions. The analyst said their preparations have been very thorough and complete. They've even been scientifically measuring the players hydration levels on a daily basis.

Then they went back up to the booth where the play by play announcer was dutifully impressed, and said so. But the commentator said

"She just means that they check the color of their pee. She was just being fancy."


  1. I saw a few minutes of women's soccer last night while channel surfing at the motel. Amazing athleticism, but after about five minutes I was exhausted just watching them. I had just walked about .2 miles for supper and them back in 90-degree heat; I can't imagine how they keep going.

    1. Well, I share the feeling. It was muggy this morning, and warm when I walked my scant three miles. I found the heat to be an unendurable agony! I've recovered now. I suppose they have too.


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