Friday, June 7, 2019

My library and abortion

Libraries endeavor to hold themselves above politics. But such a thing can only go so far. Any political theorist can tell you that any act has a political element, and certainly a Socialist institution such as a library, thriving in a Late Stage Capitalist tempest, is bound to be full of politics whether it wants to be or not. One just has to read between the lines. Or maybe one just has to read. It's all easy enough. We're full of books here.

Today I was upstairs shelving in non fiction. I had a book about pregnancy to shelve. We have a whole huge section there full of pregnancy books. Interestingly enough we keep all our books on parenting in the Children's Room. What does this mean that we consider parenting books separate in this way from pregnancy books?

It means, of course, that my library is pro choice! Do you think they shelve stuff like this in Alabama?

Well, actually they probably do, because people in libraries tend to lean towards the light.


  1. Maybe you should be shelving some books on basic biology?


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