Monday, June 10, 2019

New tagline revamp

Up at the top of the blog, ↑ there, or, if you get this delivered to your email, here, it says "The Clerk Manifesto" in big letters, then, under it, there is a tagline. This is sort of a shorthand glimpse at the attitude of my blog. While my blog doesn't change too much, the tagline gets a little tired or worn out after awhile, or I think of a new one, so I change it. This happens every year or two. I don't really know how often though. I had to let go of my staff statistician.

Currently my tagline reads: I'm a glass half full kind of a guy even if it's actually empty.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Whoa, that's way too good to ever change!"

You weren't thinking that?

Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree on what you were thinking.

But lately I have had a few things come up that I thought I might like to change to. One of my new choices would read:

The Clerk Manifesto

Virtually every single person on the Internet is, by accident, not at this website. Except you!

But, having worked on those two sentences for six hours now I'm not sure I've got it right, somehow, quite.

I briefly toyed with:

The Clerk Manifesto

I'm funnier than you think I am

Which, in a break of confidence I changed to:

The Clerk Manifesto

I think I'm funnier than you think I am

Which came out sounding particularly dismal and was rapidly scrapped.

I've also recently favored:

The Clerk Manifesto

They really are out to get me, though, fortunately, they're not too serious about it.

But, in the end, for whatever reasons I haven't been able to make the change. What's the point really when, after all, my glass is still half full, no matter how much anyone drinks, or no matter how many times I knock it over.

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  1. I like the current tagline, but...until today, I didn't even notice that a tagline exists. Must check my blog and see if I have one.


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