Saturday, June 22, 2019

Why I'm so popular around here

One of my co-workers was telling me the status of her preparations for her upcoming trip to France. There were some pending issues about car rental and/or getting a train out to Normandy and to their base of operations there in the gorgeous city of Bayeux.

This concerned me greatly. "Oh," I said. "You really want to make sure everything goes well in Bayeux. It's too important to mess up in any way."

My co-worker wasn't too worried about it. She felt it would work out. But I was still seriously concerned. 

"No, really." I emphasized. "I mean it. You don't want to have saved your nickels and dimes, worked here til the sun didn't shine, only to come back someday, come what may, from your one and only trip ever to Normandy saying ' I...  blew Bayeux."

I'll be here all decade.

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