Sunday, July 21, 2019

Capitalism in Europe and beyond

My two big Internet studying hobbies lately are the inherent tragedy of Capitalism and places to eat things in Florence. The first is clarifying and extremely critical of an inhumane system, and the second is very... capitalist. Nevertheless there is an odd way that a very capitalist trip to Europe still offers some small breaks from Capitalism.

It is currently 93 degrees out and so humid that the heat index currently reads 110 degrees! If I were in the unfortunate position of spending some time outside, like those intrepid golfers out my window, and I had the opportunity to pop into a clubhouse cooled down to 85 degrees, I no doubt would find it a relief, even as I knew it wasn't particularly comfortable for the long run in that regard. That's a bit of what Capitalism is relatively like in Europe. Yes there are still massive corrupt companies, beggars in the streets, desperate trades of time and labor for people merely to stay afloat. There's graft, crime, exploitation and corruption all as the standard driving force for how the culture runs. But on the other hand people there tend to have healthcare, a bit of parental leave, vacations, an occasional protective regulation or two, and usually, and this is probably the crux of the pleasure of it for me, when they charge a price for something, that's the actual price! It doesn't add on a large, unspoken tip one is supposed to leave and an array of inscrutable taxes, like for instance a base one, maybe a little city one, and a special one for alcohol. It's all inclusive rather than a come on. It's surprising what that little bit of honest approach does for how I think about being in those cities. It's just that tiny surcease of competition and angling for money in every single thing that provides the 85 degree relief.

Of course, the real ideal is more like 74 degrees, the temperature of this blog, which makes no money at all, is done in the service of goodness and giving, and is as pure and and refreshing as the driven snow.

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