Monday, July 8, 2019

Not a boring blog post at all!

I was just sitting here writing a super boring blog post when I suddenly thought "Hey, you don't have to write this super boring blog post! You could instead write a really fun, witty blog post that will make you chuckle deviously to yourself at your sharp wit, and it will be this super funny blog post. And everyone out on the Internet is going to think it is totally clever what you wrote, and they will share it all over Facebook and Myspace and Imgur and Reddit and Wikipedia, where it will go super viral, so viral that CBS News will report on it in the morning saying "And in Cyber news today there was a super funny blog post that went viral today and it was so so funny! You should totally check it out." And then even more people will share and read it until there are, like, hundreds of people who read it, and there will be t-shirts of it and Random House will call you up, though how they found your number I'll never know, and they'll say "Hey, are you the guy that wrote that super funny blog post today that CBS News reported on?" And you'll say "I am!" And they'll say "We'd love to do a book maybe if you have any more that's as super funny as this one. Do you have any more like it?" And you'll say "No. That one was so super funny though!" And they'll say "Oh. Okay, thanks for your time." and hang up, and you'll feel like maybe you blew your big chance, but that doesn't matter because the important thing is you have a good time!"

Which was a good point.

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