Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Requested books

For years at my library I have shelved books as a part of my duties, but only recently have I begun pulling requested books. So I go upstairs with an empty cart for once, instead of a full one, find books on the shelf, from a list of items that people want, load them on my cart, and bring them downstairs to get distributed to these people.

And the revelation is that these books can be especially appealing.

These books are much better than the books I shelve! These books are wanted.

The books I shelve are no longer wanted.

These specifically wanted books have a certain something. They're interesting, particular, bespoke, and full of the unique story of the person's requesting them.

Curiously they are also different in one way from the books I shelve:

Unlike the books I shelve, I can't have them.

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